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Cured, Brined & Smoked

  • Cajun Risotto with Sausage

    Cajun Risotto with Sausage

    Makes 4-6 Servings Ingredients: 1 quart vegetable stock, warmed ½ cup white wine or white cooking wine 1 medium shallot, chopped (about ½ cup) 3 Tablespoons unsalted...

  • Smoked Turkey Wraps

    Smoked Turkey Wraps

    Makes 4 servings Ingredients: 3 to 4 thin slices of smoked turkey breast per wrap (16 total) 2 slices of cooked bacon per wrap (8 total) 12 Tablespoons of Hi Mountain Guacamole Dip, prepared 1...

  • Blue Fish Jerky

    Blue Fish Jerky

    Blue Fish is great if eaten fresh, but once you freeze it, the flavor intensifies. We're always looking for new ways to cook strong-flavored fish like blue fish or mackerel. So we decided to make...

  • Brined & Smoked Venison Roast

    Brined & Smoked Venison Roast

     The secret to a fantastic smoked wild game roast is to brine it before smoking, removing it from the heat once it reaches the desired internal temperature and resting it before slicing. Makes...

  • Brined and Smoked Blue Fish Filets

    Brined and Smoked Blue Fish Filets

    Blue fish is a popular saltwater game fish that are often caught in great quantity. Cooked up fresh they are delicious, but after freezing they tend to get a fishy flavor from the oils in the fish...

  • Cured and Smoked Venison Ham

    Cured and Smoked Venison Ham

    If you are looking for a different and delicious venison recipe this is it! This will be one of the best tasting venison hams you ever tasted!  Ingredients: 3 to 4 lb boneless venison...

  • Quail with Citrus

    Quail with Citrus

    The quail are first brined for 2 to 3 hours using Hi Mountain Game Bird and Poultry Brine Mix. Then pat dry and follow the recipe. Hi Mountain Brines add flavor, moisture and speed up cooking times...

  • Venison Snackin’ Sticks

    Venison Snackin’ Sticks

    Venison Snackin’ Sticks are delicious and make a great snack to take out hunting and fishing. It’s important to keep the venison and pork very cold while cutting, mixing and grinding...