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Bacon Cure

Bacon lovers, enjoying delicious, homemade bacon has never been easier with Hi Mountain Seasonings Cures. You can use Pork Belly, Boston Butt pork roast or try a pork loin to make Canadian bacon - and you can slice it as thick or thin you like.

  • Original Bacon Cure

    Original Bacon Cure

    Hi Mountain’s new Original Bacon Cure makes traditional bacon from pork belly whereas Buckboard Bacon Cure uses Boston Butt roast or pork loin. Cures 25 lbs. of meat. Ingredients: Salt, brown sugar, sugar, Maple sugar, sodium nitrite (0.7%)...

  • Buckboard Bacon Cure

    Buckboard Bacon Cure

    Make bacon using a Boston Butt pork roast or use a loin to make Canadian bacon. Slice your Buckboard Bacon how thick or thin you like - try a thicker slice and enjoy a bacon steak. Cures 25 lbs. of meat. Ingredients:Salt, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Maple...