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Prep & Cooking Tools

Designed for making jerky, snackin’ sticks and sausage the right way - for the beginner and expert alike. Durable and quality crafted, Hi Mountain prep and cooking tools provide years of jerky, snackin’ stick and sausage making enjoyment.

  • Ultimate Jerky Board & Knife

    Ultimate Jerky Board & Knife

    Hi Mountain has created the ultimate jerky cutting board with an innovative, patent pending design. No other jerky cutting board has these convenient features all in one! Slices Perfect Strips for Jerky! Dishwasher safe Components nest into board for...

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  • Original Jerky Board & Knife

    Original Jerky Board & Knife

    We designed The Original Jerky Board and Knife so you can make perfect jerky every time. Cutting board is made of selected hardwoods, set to the perfect depths of 1/4" and 3/8". Our custom-crafted, razor sharp knife makes slicing a breeze. Insert...

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  • Jerky King

    Jerky King

    The Hi Mountian Jerky King is designed with all the tools you need to make perfect jerky every time. The cutting board is made of selected hardwoods, set to the perfect depths of 1/4" and 3/8". The Jerky Knife is razor sharp, designed for slicing jerky...

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  • Big Shot Jerky & Sausage Gun

    Big Shot Jerky & Sausage Gun

    The perfect tool to make jerky, snackin' sticks and sausage links with ease. The Hi Mountain Big Shot Jerky & Sausage Gun's extra large capacity barrel allows you to make the most jerky or sausage with the least amount of effort. When you're serious...

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  • Link Master

    Link Master

    Make breakfast link sausage with the pull of the trigger. Kit includes Link Master gun, one box of breakfast sausage seasoning, collagen casings and easy to follow instructions.

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  • Jerky Master

    Jerky Master

    Making jerky or snackin sticks out of ground meat  is easy with the Jerky Master - and cleaning is a snap with the cut-away handle. The Jerky Master includes: Jerky Gun Industrial Grade Jerky Screen Two flavors of Hi Mountain Jerky Cure &...

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  • Jerky Screen

    Jerky Screen

    The Hi Mountain Jerky Screen is an industrial-quality, chrome-plated 13 1/2" square designed to make perfect jerky. Please note that a common pitfall in jerky making is to use a cookie sheet instead of a jerky screen to cook the jerky. Cookie...

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  • Grill Basket

    Grill Basket

    Cook perfect vegetables, meat and fish on the grill or over a campfire! The Hi Mountain Grill Basket includes two Western Style Seasoning blends, one dip mix or marinade, and the Hig Mountain cookbook. The Grill Basket makes a unique gift for anyone...

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